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From the creators of Bear Blend Organic Ceremonial Herbal Blends comes this one of a kind collaborative and collective dreaming experience. It’s like the moment you first tried Bear Blend but in reading form. Actually, it is like telling a really good story and then deciding that everyone in the world should hear the story.

It turns out that stories are actually the way that we learned everything. So if you want to tell a good story or read a good story, then start here …

We are Really Into Herbs …

Powerful healing herbs grow everywhere, probably even in your backyard. Humans have always used them for healing and ceremony. They have simply been forgotten. The language of herbs is slowly disappearing, along with the ancient rituals of indigenous cultures. Bear Blend is here to help you remember. 

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Nature’s Pharmacy — Snoop into Earth’s Medicine Cabinet, See What You Find

Lawyers, whiskey, nature and patent law — so shitastic for your health and well-being. Open up your medicine cabinet and take a close look. We triple dog dare you. There’s a virtual garden in there — kind of. It’s actually a Skull & Crossbones Pharma-copia...

Could Psychedelic Toad Milk Treat Depression?

Respect the Toad Medicine — How Secretions from the Sonoran Desert Toad can Alleviate Depression Could Trippy Toad Milk in a Corn Cob Pipe Be a Doorway to Happiness? In A Man Without a Country , Kurt Vonnegut recalls counterculturalist Abbie Hoffman’s practical...

The Sweet Taste of Freedom — Bear Blend’s New Shaman CBD Blend

Legalization — freedom slowly but surely — tastes sweet and delicious. But Prohibition’s been a long weird night. We’ve all been tripped out in an American D.A.R.E. Dystopia. And the aftermath feels like coming down in the early morning darkness at a Kesey Acid...

Kratom — a New Reefer Madness for the 21st Century

Kratom — the Truth Behind the Hype of a Natural Herb Is the United States federal government about to take Kratom into next-generation Reefer Madness?  Maybe.  Kratom's currently a coin held in the palm of the DEA — ready to flip.  And while so far it's legal in...

Pass It On… Share Your Story — How Have Herbs Changed Your Life?

Want to Share Your Story How Herbs Changed Your Life?  Pass It On Do you have a story how herbs improved your life?  We're curious — we're listening.  Pass it on.  The lyrics of Bob Marley can be pretty intoxicating.  Breathe them in as deep as you can. Do you have...

Take 3 Rabbit Turds, Call Me in the Morning — An Epic Story of Herbal Healing

How Herbs Saved Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham's Life Learn how 3 bunny turds not only saved world renowned herbalist Chris Kilham's life — but helped him understand how herbs are medicine essential to life. Want to hear a hilarious but true story? 3 bunny turds not...

The Tobacco-Less Spliff: An Herbal Smoke Alternative for Healthy Lungs

Mix your cannabis with an herbal smoke alternative to tobacco.  The Tobacco-less Spliff. Control your buzz with healthier lungs.What's a Tobacco-less Spliff, anyway? Answer:  Any joint mixed with an herbal tobacco alternative that doesn't kill you. Mugwort,...

Set & Setting — How to Prepare for a Psychedelic Ceremony

Set, Setting & Ceremony How space, intention & ceremony lay the groundwork for meaningful mystical experiences   “WE ARE LIVING IN A DEPRIVED SOCIETY, as far as spiritual rituals are concerned,” Ram Dass writes in Psychedelic Rites of Passage. “We...

Interview with Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham

Kicking it with the Indiana Jones of Herbal Medicine — Chris Kilham You know that next morning feeling — right after a psychedelic experience? The sound of birds incandescently sparkles. Ideas zing. Your entire world is completely new and astonishingly free....

How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Using Organic Herbal Blends

Want to Quit Smoking? How Herbal Blends Can Soothe Your Nicotine Fix With an organic herbal smoking blend alternative, you can quit smoking tobacco — and not be a flaming A-hole in the process. Seen this ad? “I'm Henry Hill, and I quit smoking with a pharmaceutical...

Want to Quit Smoking? How Herbal Blends Can Sooth Your Nicotine Fix

Seen this ad?

“I’m Henry Hill, and I quit smoking with a pharmaceutical side effects may include farting, seizures, and heart attacks….”
You don’t need to be a Hollywood movie star or a Wiseguy to wonder if there’s a better way to quit smoking than a freaking heart-fart attack.

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Our Favorite Herbal Resources

1. Gaia’s “Meet Your Herbs”

We love Gaia’s Herbs Website. They talk about all the herbs with reverence and respect.

2. Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose has a beautifully designed website with organic herbs of all kinds and at all quantitites.

3. Medicine Hunter

Chris Kilham is the medicine hunter. He travels the world discovering the most exotic herbs around.

Some of Our Favorite Herbs

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