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From the creators of Bear Blend Organic Ceremonial Herbal Blends comes this one of a kind collaborative and collective dreaming experience. It’s like the moment you first tried Bear Blend but in reading form. Actually, it is like telling a really good story and then deciding that everyone in the world should hear the story.

It turns out that stories are actually the way that we learned everything. So if you want to tell a good story or read a good story, then start here …

Are You Really Into Herbs?

So Are We…

Powerful healing herbs grow everywhere, probably even in your backyard. Humans have always used them for healing and ceremony. They have simply been forgotten. In a crazy and fast-paced modern world, the language of herbs is slowly disappearing — replaced with corporate greed and fear-driven media hype. But the herbs are still out there, waiting to be re-discovered.

Bear Blend is here to help you remember. 

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Recent Posts

FreeMinds: An Herbal Smoke Program for Prisons & Institutions

FreeMinds: Herbal Smoke, Institutional Prison & the Freedom Within   “Free your mind, and your ass will follow. The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” Baby, you can say that again: Funkadelic was onto something. (Or maybe on something. Reportedly, that entire album was...

Absinthe & Wormwood: Could Artemisia Herbs Cure Coronavirus?

Wormwood’s Absinthe: Is Artemisia an Herbal Cure for Coronavirus? Could Artemisia wormwood — the main ingredient in absinthe that flies you high as a kite — be used to treat or potentially cure the Coronavirus? The President of Madagascar seems to think so.  And...

Smoke the Peace Pipe — Now More Than Ever

"The Pipe is us!  The stem is our backbone, the bowl our head, the stone our blood... The opening in the bowl is our mouth, and the smoke rising from it, is our breath, the visible breath of our people.  All of the Great Spirit's Creation, the whole universe, is in...

CBD for Anxiety Relief: 5 Ways to Use CBD

Vaping CBD for Anxiety Can Be a Great Alternative to Smoking Vaping started as a safer and effective alternative to smoking. It aimed to eliminate the carcinogenic effects of the latter as much as possible to give users a comfortable experience. But the trend rapidly...

The Big Chill: What We Can Learn from Herbs & COVID-19

COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis, but it’s also an incredible opportunity. How herbs can help us reconnect, and remember who we are, what’s really important. Humanity's slowing down. The clouds have parted. Can you see yourself yet? I’m starting to. The other day,...

Chocolate, Witches, & Magic Sex: What You Sipping On?

Know what turns us on? Hot chocolate sex hex. Yes, please!   Witches, spells, and steaming cocoa: All the Fairy Tale elements of a great bedtime story. Did we mention it might be laced with pubic hair? Yeah, spice so smoking it’s on fire. Read between the lines —...

The Ceremony of Smoking Herbal Blends

Kill Your iPhone — Find Peace with an Herbal Smoking Ceremony   Remember in the ‘90s, when Ned’s Atomic Dustbin told you to “Kill Your Television” — on Music Television? We’re taking our cue from them. We’re asking you to kill your phone screen — on your phone...

Herbs for Depression: 7 Plants to Make Life Suck Less

We Should Be Using Herbs For Depression Treatment Life sucks sometimes — an existential mosquito on Nietzsche’s fat snout, sucking the juice straight outta Sunday. Depression can be a seemingly unrelenting spontaneous shit-storm. And yet still somehow nature is...

Cannabis Science: How Terpenoids Affect Weed Sativas & Indicas

Smell That Dank? What Cannabis Science Says About Sticky Icky Weed Forget indica or sativa. Recent cannabis science research suggests terpenoids may be the reason certain strains of cannabis have a mellow or energized high. Smell that dank — like a forest of Fruit...

Gateway Weed? Smell the Stink of World War DystOpioid — An Activist Primer

Smell that? That's the fresh smell of bullshit. It’s the exact opposite of ganja perfuming the breeze any Sunday afternoon stroll down the Golden Gate’s August Fogust mist. But it's just as obvious — an odor so strong it sucker punches you right in your third eye....

Want to Quit Smoking? How Herbal Blends Can Sooth Your Nicotine Fix

Seen this ad?

“I’m Henry Hill, and I quit smoking with a pharmaceutical side effects may include farting, seizures, and heart attacks….”
You don’t need to be a Hollywood movie star or a Wiseguy to wonder if there’s a better way to quit smoking than a freaking heart-fart attack.

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Our Favorite Herbal Resources

1. Gaia’s “Meet Your Herbs”

We love Gaia’s Herbs Website. They talk about all the herbs with reverence and respect.

2. Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose has a beautifully designed website with organic herbs of all kinds and at all quantitites.

3. Medicine Hunter

Chris Kilham is the medicine hunter. He travels the world discovering the most exotic herbs around.

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