CBD for Anxiety Relief: 5 Ways to Use CBD

by Jun 5, 2020Herbs, Thoughts1 comment

CBD for Anxiety Relief: 5 Ways to Use CBD

by Jun 5, 2020Herbs, Thoughts1 comment

Vaping CBD for Anxiety Can Be a Great Alternative to Smoking

Vaping started as a safer and effective alternative to smoking. It aimed to eliminate the carcinogenic effects of the latter as much as possible to give users a comfortable experience. But the trend rapidly received a lot of attention among users of different age groups. Today vaping has become a widespread practice in many parts of the world, and the legalization of cannabis is making it easier for users to enjoy this potent plant safely.

Using cannabis and cbd for anxiety treatment benefits are known to many today, and several users are utilizing this powerful aid to curb the panic and restlessness during an anxiety attack. Here are five ways in which one can vape CBD for anxiety relief.

cbd herbs and tinctures
Shaman Herbal Blend

At Bear Blend we blend the Hemp Flower with our herbs for a flavorful, satisfying, and relaxing smoke.  Shaman is an aromatic blend of ceremonial herbs and high terpene hemp CBD flower.

1.  CBD Vape Pens

CBD vape pens is a small and petite cigarette-style device that contains CBD vape oil for vaping. In most cases, the devices come with a preinstalled CBD vape juice and herbal oil in them and require powering up by recharging the battery. The vape juice contains a mixture of pure CBD oil dilutes with MCT oil (vegetable oil) that make it useful for your vaping device. There are disposable kinds and reusable ones, both of which have advantages based on your purpose.

CBD herbal oil has superior anti-anxiety benefits, and when used in combination with these agents, it can improve the efficiency of the vape and ensure your feel calm and relaxed. Given the CBD herbal oil is only mildly dilated, the benefits possible from experience is quick and effective to reduce anxiety levels. CBD vape pens are known to give out the best flavors from the juice and are easy to maintain and cost-effective to run. You can take a few puffs before or during anxious situations and let the extracts from the juice calm your nerves.

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2.  CBD E-Liquid

CBD e-liquids are a highly diluted version of CBD oil that contains propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine. These are usually useful with rechargeable mods that slowly vaporize the liquid for the vaping. Most of the CBD e-liquids used to contain a mixture of flavoring ingredients and a few additives to make the liquid compatible with the device. These flavoring agents could be lavender, lemon, or other herbs that have a soothing effect on the body.

The combination of CBD oil with the incredible herb extracts makes them appropriate for vaping to curb anxiety. You can also purchase plain CBD liquid and add it to existing e-juice flavors to enjoy the benefits of CBD with any flavor of your choice. The enhanced flavors and light texture of vapors make it a fantastic way to cherish CBD.

3.  CBD Shatter

Shatter is the purest form of cannabis herb extracts you can use to curb anxiety. It has a mild amber color and is mostly transparent. It contains the highest amount of terpene concentration and cannabinoids that can have potent benefits to curb anxiety in users.

This cannabis concentrate is known for its powerful high and relaxing abilities that last longer than vaping normal CBD e-juices or oils. While there are many ways of consuming CBD Concentrates shatter, you can use your vaping device to achieve the best benefits from this product. You can explore a variety of shatter vape pens available in the market to vape this concentrate.

cbd shatter

4.  Cannabis Herbs

Dry herbs are not a very common option for vaping CBD. The reason behind the same is that these herbs contain certain levels of THC in most cases, and it may not be the perfect option for those looking to cherish pure CBD. But dry herbs can bring amazing benefits to curb anxiety as they contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals from the cannabis plant that can benefit the user through entourage effects.

Vaping devices for dry herbs are specialized and can heat the buds appropriately to create a comfortable high. It is a completely natural experience with the enriching aroma of the flower and the fabulous taste, adding up to your overall effect to help you with anxiety. The earthy aroma and delicious mild high in CBD rich strains help you enjoy a soothing and comfortable experience to ease your mind and body.

There are several CBD rich strains with almost zero THC content that can be appropriate for you to use for anxiety. While the experience could feel slightly raw compared to vaping e-liquids or oils, vaping dry herbs can have promising benefits within a short time.

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Bear Blend Hemp Nugz

Our Bllue Genius Full Spectrum hemp flower is terpene rich with high CBD content. With 0.3% THC, these fragrant buds are covered in trichomes. The mix of purple, blue, and light green buds will leave you enjoying every bit.

5.  CBD E-Liquid

CBD dabs are slightly different from vaping and require special dab pens to use. Dabbing refers to inhaling concentrated vapors of the extracts of the hemp plant in the form of wax.The dab pen coil contains a small amount of CBD wax that then heats to create vapors to inhale through a mouthpiece. CBD dab oils or waxes are highly concentrated forms of the extracts, which indicate that the effects from the process are also almost instantaneous.

And based on the quality of the oil or wax, the full spectrum of chemicals from the cannabis plant with the domination of CBD can ease anxiety and stress.CBD isolate dabs are also common in the market for those looking for pure CBD for anxiety alleviation. These dabs do not contain even a hint of THC or any other terpene from the original extracts. They are a safe option for users looking to eliminate the effects of THC.

Dabbing CBD is a clean and smoke-free experience that can be amazing for relaxing and calming your nerves. It reaches the bloodstream faster and hence is appropriate for use in an anxious environment to ensure the effects kick in immediately.

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CBD by Healing Sacraments is non psychoactive and contain cannabinoids that can be extremely beneficial for a variety of ailments. These tinctures will not get you high, but they give you a full body relaxation and can alleviate pain and many other stress related conditions

It has been proven through several clinical studies that using CBD herb for anxiety has helped reduce symptoms and their intensity. Vaping CBD for anxiety can be a powerful way to relish the benefits of the plant immediately and effectively. Understand the advantages of each of these vaping methods to choose the right one for you.

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