Take 3 Rabbit Turds, Call Me in the Morning — An Epic Story of Herbal Healing

by Apr 25, 2019Thoughts0 comments

Take 3 Rabbit Turds, Call Me in the Morning — An Epic Story of Herbal Healing

by Apr 25, 2019Thoughts0 comments

How Herbs Saved Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham’s Life

Learn how 3 bunny turds not only saved world renowned herbalist Chris Kilham’s life — but helped him understand how herbs are medicine essential to life.

Want to hear a hilarious but true story?

3 bunny turds not only saved world renowned herbalist Chris Kilham’s life — they set him on the straight and narrow to understanding herbs as medicine essential to life — one that can heal us and practically deliver us from evil.

OK, these weren’t exactly bunny droppings.  It was actually herbal medicine given to him by an Ayurvedic physician in Kathmandu, Nepal.

It was 1984 and Chris had come down with a nasty case of dysentery — sick to his core, down 35 pounds, dizzy, and could barely stand.  Chris was ready to pack it all up and call the Amsterdam Embassy for a medivac back to the land of Western Medicine, antibiotics, and flush toilets.  

So, leaking black tar sands like a Keystone pipeline, Chris asked the villagers for a doctor.  He was referred to the local Ayurvedic physician.  Which doctor?  Witch doctor, thought Chris — the nephew of Baptist preachers  so far from Boston he might as well have been on the moon.

This doctor put his hands on Chris’s abdomen and declared he knew exactly what was wrong with him — just by touch, like a blind man reading a Braille newspaper.

And then he prescribed Chris three pellets that looked like they came out of the business end of a bunny rabbit.


Chris had already been using herbs for 14 years by this point.  One day he would later go on to found Medicine Hunter and become world-renowned as the “Indiana Jones of herbs” for his adventures sourcing the earth for traditional medicines used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures.  

But on this particular day, mid-’80s?  Chris thought that bunny turd doc’ was out of his freaking mind. 

He was charged $1.10 for the consultation, a powdery substance, and the rabbit pellets.  The doc directed Chris to mix the powder with water and wash the capsules down with a satisfying meal, swearing he would be good to go and fit as a fig leaf.


Yeah, right.  Time to hunt down the nearest phone booth and 1-800 up a helicopter, Chris thought.  But since he was so weak, he decided on lunch first.  So he tried the local stew with herb pellets and Ayurvedic hocus-pocus powder on the side.

The transformation proved profound, miraculous even.  By mid-afternoon, the diarrhea, fever, and chills had stopped — exactly as the Ayurvedic doctor said.


That sudden realization was relief, a revelation — an epiphany of Monty-Python finger-pointing wisdom, straight from the clouds. 

I realized this stuff wasn’t just good for gas or a sore throat, or for rubbing on abrasions,” Chris reflects in a candid conversation with Anthony Bear.  “These things can actually save your life.  And I think that experience profoundly changed the course of my path.  I was fully able to understand that these are and can be life-saving medicines.”

Peak into the Earth’s Medicine Cabinet

Fast-forward 35 years later, and Chris is an evangelist for medicinal plants and herbs.  “We could not be alive without plants.  Fundamentally we need them to exist,” Chris points out. 

Medicinal herbs make the foundation for countless pharmaceutical drugs.  Recivit, a powerful antioxidant — and probably one of the most effective cardiovascular medicines known to man —is derived from Spanish peanut skins.  The alkaloids from digitalis and digitoxin are procured from the Foxglove flower.  Eucalyptus provides the basis for cough drops.  The active ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid — extracted from willow bark — prescribed by the early Greek physician Hippocrates.

During the Vietnam war in the 1970s, Chinese chemist Tu Youyou tapped into 4th-century Chinese medical texts to discover wormwood, which was used to treat fever.  From that, she derived artemisinin, an antimalarial drug that has saved millions of lives.  Her research earned her the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2015.

Storytime!  We’d Love to Hear from You

The list goes on and on.  Sure, plants and herbs might not always be a miracle cure, but they do provide incredible building blocks of medicine — medicine that can feed, nurture, and heal humanity.

Come down with cancer?  Definitely see a doctor.  But it just might be an Olympic torch of a joint, filled with cannabis and other medicinal herbs like valerian and mullein, that heals and cures your sick soul back to good health.

Or if smoking’s not your thing, maybe a tea or tincture.  It’s good for what ails you. 

We hear stories all the time from our customers of how herbs cured a particular ailment  — helped one customer got off her anxiety meds, helped several people quit smoking cigarettes, and cured someone’s insomnia so they could actively dream deep and nourishing R.E.M. again.

Those stories are why we love to do what we do — why herbs are our passion and drive to thrive.

Got a story you want to share?  We would love to hear it.  If you’d be kind enough to let us publish yours on our blog, we’ll sweeten the deal with a free tin of your choice of Bear Blend ceremonial herbal blends.

Do tell — we are listening.  Share yours in the comments.

Until next time, pass it on…


Mathew Gallagher

Mathew Gallagher

Wordsmith Specialist

A freelance writer for hire, Matt Gallagher is the face and voice behind Web Copy Magician. He enjoys Bear Blend as a tea to spiritually reconnect with nature and the therapeutic wonders of chlorophyll.



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